Technology Transfer


Optimize Existing Facilities or Plan afresh with products and methods that are commercially proven in a different region

The most straightforward reason for any company to participate in a technology transfer initiative is to get access to new, useful technology for production. Such access can reduce the time and cost of developing the know-how in-house, increase the general skill level of employees, and create spill overs in other areas, including access to broader distribution networks and new business opportunities. For a smaller firm, partnering with a well-known multinational can also bring reputational benefits.

A Matter of National Security

At HVAX, We believe in our abilities to enable Technology transfers to countries and areas that will

  • Improve local public health and support access to medicines
  • Support industrial development
  • Reduce any country's reliance on imports
  • To distribute knowledge and make it usable in terms of technology
Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer

A Win Win Proposition

A Tech Transfer is a win-win for both the parties. Here are some reasons why we enable transfers from a knowledge saturated area to an area that needs it the most:

  • When a product is no longer of commercial interest to a particular region.
  • When a firm's business model does not include high-volume/low-margin supply to developing countries, but rather focuses on high-margin supply to higher-income markets.
  • When a firm needs access to increased production capacity to meet the volume of global demand
  • To meet corporate social responsibility commitments and strengthen the firm's "social licence to operate"
  • To enter a market (e.g. Joint venture requirements)
Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer

We expedite complete end-to-end solutions for a technology transfer built on different models of collaboration, license and supply. Each development set-up is unique, based on the project targets and thorough analysis of available knowledge. Following consultation with in-house experts and in close cooperation with you, we provide tailor-made solutions for your particular expectations of the targeted transfer.

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