Cleanroom Partition


Custom or standard, Progressive or Non Progressive, Pre painted or HPL, Our Expert team shall guide you to choose the one that fits your needs perfectly

HVAX cleanroom systems has the latest technology & engineered design of modular Cleanroom partition, Ceilings & the state of the Art flush doors, Windows for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & can environmental cleanroom.

Compliance, Quality and Speed

Speed to market, flexibility and maintaining a dust free environment during construction phase and later, is critical for almost all manufacturing companies, and it’s particularly important for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, that’s where Modular Cleanroom Panels play an important role.

At HVAX the Modular Clean Room Panel facilities are designed for maximum adaptability and to provide for minimal operational disruption or downtime.

Cleanroom Partition
Cleanroom Partition
Cleanroom Partition

System Flexibility and Options

At HVAX we provide Clean room panels complying good engineering practices, taking into account GMP, cGMP, safety, health, regulatory requirements, and industry guidelines thus producing a consistent, quality product with no variation.

At HVAX flexibility remains a key design option for clean rooms thus we provide panels in Poly urethane infill (PUF) as well as Mineral wool (Rockwool) infill apart from Aluminium Honeycomb panels in both progressive and non progressive designs.

These panels withstand repeated cleaning and sanitizing with various chemicals to resists microbial and fungal growth. They tend to be the most popular wall panels chosen for microelectronics cleanrooms because of they are non-outgassing, non-particle shedding, and anti-static as well as lightweight and non-combustible.

Cleanroom Partition
Cleanroom Partition
Cleanroom Partition

Specifications of Panels

  • Thin & light weight construction
  • Wide variety of filler PUF / EPS FOAM / ROCK WOOL
  • Wide variety of Surface material PCGI / PPGI / AL / S.S. / Laminates
  • Available in Thickness 50mm / 80mm / 100mm
  • Progressive and Non-Progressive.
  • Doors compatible with panel materials
  • Excellent insulating property
  • Less joints as compared to any other system of panel design.
  • Design engineering and installation support from HVAX.
  • HVAX systems are perfectly airtight, hence no problem in pressure balancing & cross contamination
  • Panels can easily be re-locatable or dismantled
  • Inbuilt return air riser
  • Concealed electrical fittings
Ceiling Features

  • Walkable, Serviceable ceiling
  • Concealed suspension
  • Interior flush surface
  • Flexible to make cutout at site for lighting, Hepa filter etc.

View Panels

  • Single glazed window
  • Flush mounted & double glazed window with nitrogen fill or silica gel pocket to prevent Condensation

Door Features

  • Electrical interior system available
  • Flush mounted, built in viewing window
  • Automatic drop seal
  • SS door handle
  • Single leaf / double leaf type

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