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Water, Steam and Compressed air Delivered through world class partners within Inhouse design and execution teams

Good Process & Utility Piping is fundamental to the success of any pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical installation. All systems including process equipment and piping must be fully drainable, cleanable, and serializable for the successful production of pharmaceuticals.

Over the past years, HVAX experienced engineers have used advanced technologies on several fronts and contributed to making the installation of process piping more efficient and with fewer delays. Projects are planned in advance by the experienced HVAX engineers and activities are coordinated between the design engineer, clients project team and the validation team.

Before beginning construction, the HVAX engineers team gives the owner a very clear idea of exactly what he wants the system to look like and how it shall function. Computer simulations done by HVAX engineering team help to visualize the project before the takeoff.

At HVAX we have the experienced team that uses defined procedures for the welding and the cut outs to be made for the process piping, this enables cleaner documentation submitted for FDA approval, increasing the productivity.

The experienced site team at HVAX follows the SOPs which are written procedures to be followed at site by welding personnel so that the same series of steps in the same order for handling materials, cutting and end-prepping of tubing for welding, inert gas purging, and orbital welding, etc. are followed.

Key Features

We focus Primarily on 3 Utility generation and distribution Systems

1. Compressed Air

In the pharmaceutical industry, compressed air is used for a number of production and packaging applications, including blowing off and drying bottles prior to filling, conveying pills, providing air for pneumatically controlled valves and cylinders, as well as breathing air systems.

Each of these applications requires a different level of air quality and a different combination of air treatment to meet the needed quality. Because the uses of compressed air within the industry vary so greatly, there is no set standard in place that every process must adhere to.

Utility Generation
Utility Generation
Utility Generation

2. Steam

For Pharmaceutical steam, there are two basic types of steam:

  • Industrial steam or Black Steam is produced in boilers, used as a utility and which does not come into contact with the product and process equipment. It contains several additives to protect the boilers and pipes from precipitation and corrosion.
  • Pharmaceutical steam, pure steam or Clean Steam is the steam generated from treated water( Purified Water). The steam condensation complies with the pharmacopoeia parameters for WFI grade water.
Utility Generation
Utility Generation
Utility Generation

3. Water

We provide solutions and complete systems for PW generation, storage and distribution skids and steam sterilisation, in accordance with the latest pharmacopeia. This includes right from Pre-Treatment, Double pass Reverse Osmosis systems, Electro De ionization systems and water for injection Multi column Distillation plants and pure steam generators (PSG).

The MOC for all the tubes, fittings is Sanitary AISI SS316L with Surface finish of Ra value 0.4um. All other fittings and equipment's including values, pumps and instruments selected are sanitary type. Optionally the plants may also be supplied with PVDF piping systems. As a standard feature, all plants are SS 304 skid mounted with stainless steel control panel and tough screen for ease of operation.

Utility Generation
Utility Generation
Utility Generation

Clean Utility Distribution

Loop piping is done with SS 316 L electro-polished laser welded bead crushed tube as per ASTM A270/269.Continuous recirculation with bead lag not more than 1.5D. All wetted parts are of SS 316L electro polished up to 0.4Ra. Zero dead lag block valves with inbuilt Sampling Port for point of use. The loop is designed with minimum gradient of 1:100 for self-drain ability. All weld joints in the loop are orbital welded using High Purity (99.99%) Argon Gas and inspected by boroscopy machine. Point of use sanitary heat exchanger is provided to cool the PW and WFI as per the process requirements.

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