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We have our manufacturing facility at Dombivili, Maharashtra that sprawls over an area of over 70,000 sq. ft.

At HVAX, We manufacture most of the Critical Components by Ourselves. We have crafted our products around the Design to Cost methodology. This helps us to deliver world-class quality products affordably within the time frames expected. Securing your total project costs is essential to us. Hence we constantly develop our products and processes to find the equilibrium between time, quality and costs. Our infrastructure is fully equipped with manufacturing equipment and trained staff that adhere to stringent quality guidelines.

Clean Room Partition

State of the art clean room partitions with both progressive and, non progressive based systems...

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HVAC Systems

Designed with pharma in mind they also cater to other non classified applications....

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Building Management Systems

A building is as good as the experience it delivers. Our BMS, EMS and IBMS empower owners and engineers with sufficient real-time data to closely control and monitor their whole facility.

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Electrical HT/LT

Indoor/Outdoor Substation work, D.G. set with AMF panel. Lighting Fixtures& Fan, Flame proof Fittings...

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Clean Room Equipment

Class 100 equipment and containment control.
Laminar flows, Reverse Laminar FLow...

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Containment Technology

With the ever-increasing potency and complexity of active pharmaceutical ingredients, implementing containment and barrier systems...

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Utility Generation & Distribution

Water, Steam, Compressed air that meets the legal standards as defined in international pharmacopeias. HVAX provides reliable systems...

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Pre Engineered Buildings

PEBs have earned global acceptance and rapidly gaining its reputation due to distinct advantages...

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Laboratories & Furniture

Appropriate and functional furniture is an important part of any well-designed laboratory. Combining safety, good looks and durability...

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We're Gentle in our sales method, so we don't push our people to push you. You won't find us trying to endlessly upsell you, or force upon you only the products that we provide. We work with a network of both affordable and world-class brands. The project coming to realization is more important than anything else and we work to bringing that dream to fruition. To understand how we can find the right mix, click below to schedule a call with you.

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