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If you think good design is Expensive, You should look at the cost of bad design - Dr.Ralf Speth

Investors in our businesses face growing competition and regulatory pressure. We distinguish the markets we work in well and we can work together with you to converse your project possibilities. Whether it is for new investment opportunities based on feasibility studies or technology transfer elevations to make the most of existing facilities, HVAX is your partner.

Indepth insights Right from Day 1

The key to a successful engineering project begins in the earliest and initial phases. These first steps in the overall lifecycle of a project are the most critical to the project’s success. This includes defining the business case, project goals and drivers, potential risks, compliance requirements, right quality level, technology strategy, capacity, cost, delivery methodology and execution capability.

HVAX provides facility design for commissioning of critical facilities like pharmaceuticals, Hormones, vaccines, modular operation theatres and facilities providing high-precision medical devices. With our own setup for clean room partitions, HVAC components, Containment devices and allied laminar flow equipment, we ensure that the critical systems are up and running while maintaining optimum standards of quality.

Engineering Consultancy
Engineering Consultancy
Engineering Consultancy
Engineering Consultancy

Regulatory Compliance Above all

Our Consulting team consists of engineers and technical specialists from several domain expertise within Pharmaceutical and Biotech. This enables us to think from your perspective and understand your resources well. We are fully capable of designing facilities that are fully compliant with USFDA, EMEA, WHO, MHRA, PIC or any other global / local regulatory requirements.

We always lay emphasis on optimal workflows, cost-efficiency and safety with every new project we design. From laboratories to pilot and production plants, from General products to products with OEL 5. From Pharmaceuticals we've also expanded our work arena to hospitals, high–precision devices, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and Microelectronics to provide a dedicated solution for all your requirements.

Design Methodology

Our Design Process has 3 steps

  • Conceptual Design ( where we understand your understanding and bring shape to the project)
  • Basic Engineering ( Where we ensure the Viablity of the project and estimate the total project specifications and cost )
  • Detailed Engineering ( Where Actual factory shop drawings are released and the project shall now be monitored on a minute basis from technology , quality and cost perspectives)

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We're Gentle in our sales method, so we don't push our people to push you. You won't find us trying to endlessly upsell you, or force upon you only the products that we provide. We work with a network of both affordable and world-class brands. The project coming to realization is more important than anything else and we work to bringing that dream to fruition. To understand how we can find the right mix, click below to schedule a call with you.

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