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Services - Process & Utility Piping Systems


Good Process & Utility Piping is fundamental to the success of any pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical installation. All systems including process equipment and piping, must be fully drainable, cleanable, and serializable for the successful production of pharmaceuticals. Over the past years HVAX experienced engineers have used advanced technologies on several fronts and contributed to make the installation of process piping more efficient and with fewer delays.

Projects are planned in advance by the experienced
HVAX engineers and activities are coordinated between the design engineer, clients project team and the validation team.

Before beginning construction, the HVAX engineers team gives the owner a very clear idea of exactly what he wants the system to look like and how it shall function. Computer simulations done by HVAX engineering team help to visualize the project before the takeoff.

HVAX experienced team uses latest fabrication technology for installing process piping. They have better defined procedures and fewer "cut-outs" of welds which has meant "cleaner" documentation submitted for FDA approval. As a result, productivity is higher.

The experienced site team at HVAX follows the SOPs which are written procedures to be followed at site by welding personnel so that the same series of steps in the same order for handling materials, cutting and end-prepping of tubing for welding, inert gas purging, and welding, etc. are followed.