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Services - The pre-engineered Building

Speed to marketis critical for almost all manufacturing companies, and it’s particularly important for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, that’s where Pre Engineered Buildings play an important role.

Pre-engineered buildings are basically steel structures, the structural members like columns, roof truss, purlins etc. being pre-fabricated in a factory in accordance with the design specifications and they are erected in the site, joined together using bolts. The prefabricated structural members are usually “I” sections. The foundations of these buildings are the conventional concrete foundations to support the lighter super structure and to carry heavy loads.

Where it is necessary to have a large floor space area that is intermediate columns are to be avoided. In these cases conventional concrete proves useless because over such long spans, the load due to its own self weight increases, thus making the structure critical.

At HVAX the planning is done in such a way that, when the foundation is being built on the site, the structural members are simultaneously fabricated in industries. Since the erection time is also less it results in the early completion of the structure.

The advantages of Pre-engineered building are

Less Manpower at Site: Most of the work in a PEB construction is done in the industries thus the requirement of manpower at the site is very less comparatively
Reduction in Cost: Since both materials and manpower is minimized the overall cost of construction is reduced
Flexibility in Design: The steel structural members are designed in software and is fabricated with machines, thus desired shape can be achieved without any compromise. Hence the PEB can be architecturally versatile
Scope for Future Expansion: Since bolted connections are only used, the length wise expansion in a PEB becomes more evident
Low Maintenance: Modern metal finishes and coatings will help the steel panels to resist corrosion, chemical attack etc., and also the steel surfaces can be easily repaired if damaged.
Seismic Resistance: The super structure made of steel is light in weight and flexible enough to offer greater resistance to seismic waves when compared to conventional concrete structures.