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Services - HVAC Designing & Execution

In Pharmaceutical manufacturing, how space conditions impact the product being made is of primary importance. Worldwide the pharmaceutical facilities are closely supervised by the food and drug administration (FDA), this requires manufacturing companies to conform to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). These regulations, which have the force of law, require that manufacturers, processors, and packagers of drugs to take proactive steps to ensure that their products are safe. HVAC system plays a major role in this.

HVAC system executes four canonic functions:

Control airborne particles, dust and micro-organisms through air filtration using high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.
Maintain room pressure (delta P) areas that must remain “cleaner” than surrounding.
Maintain space moisture (Relative Humidity).
Maintain space temperature which can affect production directly or indirectly.

Heating ventilation & air-conditioning system is the major energy consuming part in pharmaceutical manufacturing more than 50% of input energy is consumed by HVAC system of the building. Our experienced pharma engineers at HVAX design the systems to achieve maximum power efficiencies without diluting on cGMP guidelines.